Three phones, Two typewriters, and One IBM PC

That’s what a stay-at-home mom, turned entrepreneur with a mission, used to start our business back in 1987. And that’s how a new secretarial service became the “go-to” resource for companies that need to run their offices better.

How it all started

After being out of the workforce for 25 years to raise her five …yes 5 … children, Patricia Flemming entered a business environment that had changed dramatically between the 1960’s and the 1980’s. She knew first-hand how intimidating it could be to interview as a former secretary who had never been trained to use a computer.

She decided that her vocation would be helping other women to develop both the skills needed in the modern office, as well as the confidence to present themselves to employers as competent and reliable team members.

Pat realized that they needed two things: Computer training and a path to gain new work experience. So she created a safe and nurturing place to learn while receiving opportunities to perform on the job.

A place where people could elevate their skills and build their resumes.

In no time, large companies in the area like UGI, Mack Trucks, and Air Products were calling on Pat’s team of secretaries to cover heavy workloads and vacations. They knew that they could rely on Integrity to always assign people who had the ability to perform efficiently in their complex and technology-based offices.

From secretaries to accountants to social media specialists

No sooner did the “big guys” find out about the talented people from Integrity, then the smaller local businesses, clamoring for technical skills in their offices, started to call. Now Integrity was hiring accounting, human resources, and marketing specialists …even men… who could help its customers run their critical back-office operations.

As the Millennium was approaching, Integrity’s reputation for hiring the right people (the first time) attracted companies across the region that depended on having a skilled and dedicated workforce.

By its 15th year in business, Integrity was placing professionals in global manufacturers such as FL. Smidth, Lehigh Cement, and Victaulic – Managing projects for locally headquartered companies including RCN, Piercing Pagoda, and Pentamation – And was the go-to employee source for established technology brands and startups alike, including Allen Organ, Lutron, OptronX, and LightWire.

As the work methods in offices evolved, Integrity created more innovative and flexible staffing products to help businesses operate faster. And the loyalty that our first employees had for Pat personally, continued with the following generation of team members, resulting in the highest retention rates in the industry.

Integrity’s talented pool of administrative, paraprofessional, and business specialists deliver results based on a 30-year legacy of institutional expertise and industry knowledge to small and enterprise-size businesses alike. That responsive level of service is summed up in our slogan …

Better People, Better Process, Better Results

Covering the full spectrum of modern office roles

Integrity Personnel is staffed by skilled office specialists who perform all of the functions needed in today’s office.

Top 20%

Our employees are not only experienced in their assigned roles – they’ve demonstrated high competency in the technical functions required for the jobs they are given.

Integrity hires people in the following occupational specialties under our Temporary, Temp-to-Hire, and Instant Workforce services:

  • Administrative Assistant
  • Accounts Payable (AP) Clerk
  • Accounts Receivable (AR) Clerk
  • Benefits Administration Specialist
  • Bookkeeper
  • Billing & Collections Specialist
  • Compliance Reporting Clerk
  • Customer Service Specialist
  • Data Entry Clerk
  • Desktop Publishing Specialist
  • Documentation and Filing Clerk
  • Executive Secretary
  • Financial Reporting Specialist
  • Front Desk Clerk/ Cashier
  • H.R. Specialist
  • Marketing Specialist
  • Order Clerk
  • Receptionist
  • Payroll Clerk
  • Sales Support Specialist
  • Secretary
  • Web & Social Media Publishing Specialist

For all of the positions listed here, only candidates who score in the Top 20% for their occupational competencies are hired to work at Integrity. This is why we can ensure that our employees have the technical skill and practical experience required for doing the customer’s work right the first time.

30 Years of Firsts

As an independent staffing company, Integrity Personnel has enjoyed a history of being an innovator in our industry. Since our business started, we’ve delivered flexible and productive staffing support to our business customers.

Integrity is founded in 1987

Integrity is the first staffing firm in the market to use computer software training and testing in its employment interview process.

First independent staffing company to receive national recognition for its employee benefits and retention program.

First temporary staffing firm in the region to launch a website.

Integrity evolves into a “blended” staffing service providing temporary and direct-hire placement across multiple occupational specialties.

Integrity has hired employees for over 250 companies by 1996.

10 Years

Company founder, Pat Flemming, is named one of Pennsylvania’s Best 50 Women in Business.

Integrity developed the first Temp-to-Hire product in the market that combined the targeted recruiting of executive search with the economy of temporary staffing.

Integrity creates workforce & volunteer recruitment strategies for over 25 nonprofit organizations across the region.

First temporary agency in the market to provide industry- specific staffing. Integrity develops specialties in 9 major sectors including Commercial Construction and Healthcare Administration.

Remember Y2K?

Integrity is staffing the proliferation of telecom and technology start-ups run by AT&T/ Bell Labs alumni across the region.

Unemployment rate falls to its lowest level since the 1960’s.

Integrity introduces Workforce Development services to help small companies compete on an equal playing field with their larger competitors in attracting and retaining talent.

Kevin Flemming assumes leadership over the day-to-day operations of the firm in 2004.

Integrity has hired employees for over 550 companies by 2006.

20 Years

The Great Recession – Dec., 2007

Kevin is appointed to the Federal Reserve Bank of Philadelphia to provide information and analysis on the region’s employment and business environment to economic policymakers.

Integrity recruits companies from multiple industries to collaborate throughout the Recession.

Integrity provides business services for new development projects including the Bethlehem Sands Casino, Greater Lehigh Valley Chamber of Commerce, and a major urban renewal initiative in Allentown, PA.

First in the market to provide Business Process Outsourcing services to small business enabling them to lower their overhead costs while becoming more competitive.

30 Years

Integrity directly performs accounting, H.R., sales & marketing support, and I.T. management for growth companies.

Constructs new facility in 2016 to support customers’ back offices remotely – further lowering the cost of running their businesses.

Launches new web platform for customers to order staffing and BPO services online and manage all of their activity with one click.

Integrity has hired employees for over 700 companies by 2016.

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