Free Employee Training

Exclusively available to Bucks County Employers with Funding provided by the American Rescue Plan Act.

Business & Management Skills Training with Real Benefits


Strengthen employee satisfaction and show them they're valued


Help employees gain new capabilities for better productivity

Reduced Risk

Meet compliance requirements and avoid costly turnover


Enhance career development and professional growth

Online or On-Site

How it Works

Simply sign your organization up for the free program.  Then, select the specific training you want from the list of offered courses.  We’ll take care of the details and register your employees on a schedule that works best for your team. 

Online Class Schedule

We're adding live training sessions on Zoom all the time and you can register with just a couple of clicks. Follow this link to see which classes are coming up next!

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Why it's Free

Through a partnership with the County of Bucks Department of Workforce & Economic Development, and with funding provided by the American Rescue Plan Act, The Integrity Management Group is offering professional and business training to all employers located in the County of Bucks, PA.

There is absolutely no cost to eligible companies and organizations for the training available through this program.

Choose Your Own Schedule

Click the button to request information and instructions for scheduling specific courses just for your organization. We can train your team at your site or live online.

Core Training Topics

The following subjects are available through this program.  You can select specific classes from each series.

Sales Strategy & Process

H.R. Foundations

Team Leadership Skills

Integrity’s Sales Strategy & Process training covers the most important elements of selling in the modern marketplace. It includes methods for designing a successful sales model with practical techniques for targeting, connecting with, and winning new customers.

  • Perfecting your Sales Model
  • How to Identify and Connect with New Customers
  • The Role of Marketing in Sales

Integrity’s HR Foundations training is for everyone with employee management responsibility in their organization … specifically, non-HR professionals. Designed to provide a thorough understanding of the responsibilities that employers have for maintaining an equitable and productive workplace including employment laws & regulations, data management requirements, and compensation rules.

  • The Big Stuff and the Small Stuff
  • Managing Risk by Protecting Employees
  • Workplace Practices – What Every Manager Should Know

Integrity’s Team Leadership Skills training teaches the fundamental techniques of leading working groups, operating units, and departments. The knowledge gained from this training helps both new and experienced managers increase their competencies with communications, planning, delegation, and coaching.

  • Plan the Work, Work the Plan
  • Supportive Communications
  • Managing Change

Recruiting & Hiring Employees

Intro to Emotional Fitness

Profit Management

Integrity’s Recruiting & Hiring training is designed for managers and executives who have responsibility for hiring employees in their organizations. Learn how to effectively identify and assess candidates who best match the job criteria, and make hiring decisions with confidence.

  • Everything H.R. Professionals Won’t Tell You
  • The Best Interviews are Conversations
  • Making the Choice

Integrity’s Emotional Fitness training helps participants in all walks of life reduce stress and increase energy – both on the job and in their daily life. Learners can gain lasting capabilities for improved communications, collaboration, and productivity.

  • Understanding the Stress Response
  • The Science of MBEF
  • The Core Emotional Fitness Exercises

Integrity’s Profit Management training offers a comprehensive primer on effective money management for small business owners. With the right processes and a little bit of planning, owners can have greater control over their cashflow to improve profitability and reduce risk.

  • Must-Haves for effective financial control
  • Risk Taking for Profit & Fun
  • Care & Feeding of Your Money

Free for a Limited Time

The COVID-19 pandemic disrupted the workforce, impacting employee recruitment, engagement, and retention across industries. On-site and virtual training programs provide a sustainable solution for retaining talent in a competitive labor market.  The Bucks County Department of Workforce & Economic Development secured funding to provide this training to all organizations located in the County through COVID relief programs which will end soon.

More Benefits of Training

Team members collaborate and communicate with each other better in support of the organization's goals.
Employees' improved skills and capabilities help to grow the business from within.

The Integrity Management Group

Rely on a trusted source for experience-based business training developed from over 30 years of supporting employees and building organizations.

The Integrity Management Group is a brand of Integrity Personnel, Inc., a Pennsylvania-based business services firm that has supported over 1,200 public and private entities, and trained over 7,000 employees in a range of occupations.  The employee training described here is offered exclusively by Integrity through an agreement with the County of Bucks Department of Workforce & Economic Development.