A Bridge to Growth

When small businesses require more capabilities to get to the next level, IntegritySBS is their source for experienced managers.

Our contract professionals provide both flexibility and affordability when you  need technical expertise to grow, yet haven’t reached the stage to hire full-time executive talent. 

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This is a fundamental role for building a robust internal accounting process.  Banks,  large customers, and government agencies expect it.


When you need more sophisticated financial management capabilities to help obtain funding and deploy capital.

Human Resources Director

A growing workforce equals higher risk.  Experienced H.R. management is critical for managing the risk and building a high performing team. 

Marketing Director

When businesses need good strategy and the ability to leverage their marketing resources to achieve measurable results.

Product Manager

A successful sales process depends on a combination of technical know-how and market expertise.


As complexity increases, you want an experienced manager to guide & teach the people in the organization to work as a cohesive unit.

How it Works

We match one of our professionals with your business for the time necessary to bring your operation to the next stage of growth.

With industry expertise and deep backgrounds, our contract managers bring the required capabilities to your business with flexibility that meets your budget.

Use the link below to schedule a phone/ video meeting with our Contract Management Coordinator to discuss the best options for your business.