Flexible Business Specialists

Augment Your Staff

Workload spikes, unplanned vacancies, and new business opportunities can stretch the ability of your internal team to respond.

Our team of administrative & operations specialists help fill the gaps and increase your operating capabilities to meet new demands.

InstantWorkforce helps your business become more agile and efficient in the face of change.

Skilled business and technical support for project and supplemental work in your business.  Members of our specialist team will take on discrete functional responsibilities in your business to support your in-house team.   

InstantWorkforce services are available on a monthly basis through a business support services agreement that authorizes Integrity to access the customer’s data and perform discrete business functions identified in the scope of work.

InstantWorkforce fees are based the functions and deliverables required by the customer.  Monthly charges are paid in advance and specified in the business support services agreement.

InstantWorkforce is NOT temporary staffing.  Specialists are accountable for specific outcomes rather than time. Integrity manages its employees directly and controls the means and methods by which it delivers services to the customer.

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