Job Details

Administrative Support Specialist

Job Type

Temporary Staffing


Deliver administrative and specialized clerical support to multiple customers of a business services company .  Provide word processing, report creation, and data entry services.  Perform various tasks related to researching and organizing information from online sources.  Compose business emails and correspondence as directed, as well as assisting with proposal and presentation creation and editing.  This is an ongoing temporary assignment with a flexible work schedule.


Allentown, PA

Work Hours

15-20 hrs. per week/ flexible schedule

Salary Range

$15.50/ hr.

Primary Job Duties

  • Word processing and proposal and presentation creation.
  • Online research and reporting.
  • Compose and produce finished correspondence and other written communication.
  • Compile data and produce reports.

Hiring Criteria

  • High proficiency in all Microsoft Office applications including Word, Excel, and Powerpoint.
  • Min. 5 years experience in administrative support function.
  • Professional communication and organizational skills required.
  • High attention-to-detail including business math acumen.