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You’ve built a business.  It’s earning a profit. Your employees are working and your customers are buying.  What’s next?

Scaling an operating business requires pushing out from and rising above the current model.  It’s not just about selling more.  And it doesn’t depend on the economy.

We start with the most important question:  what do YOU want?  Then we help you get it.

Next-Level Planning is a process that begins with a series of questions, the answers to which create the model for your business’ next level.  We take you through that process – and when you’re satisfied with the results, we embed an operating framework in your existing business to achieve the plan.  We also teach you the evidence-based steps and methods for managing the model, and help you meet important benchmarks on the path to completion.

Next-Level Planning is for owners of currently profitable businesses who know they can earn more.  If you can articulate your goals and can commit to a timeframe, then you’re ready. 

There are 2 components of this service: A fixed planning fee and an optional support fee.  Customers may choose to engage Integrity for the initial plan first, then select ongoing support for help with implementation.

Next-Level Planning is a process unique to Integrity  … it’s not a book, nor is it a packaged solution.  The steps & methods of this program come from four decades of institutional knowledge and our experience with over 1,000 small businesses across dozens of industries.  BTW we hate buzzwords and  business school exercises.  So, if you’re looking for that you may be running a business that’s too large for us to be of help.

Fill in the blanks, share your story, and get a quote . It all starts with a conversation.

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