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The key to achieving your goals is being open to what you don’t know.  Successful business owners & organization leaders understand that there are always alternatives to the way “everyone else” is doing it.

Our training helps leaders and their MVP’s see their businesses, teams, and markets with fresh eyes to improve their decision-making capabilities.

Integrity’s unique content combined with a personalized learning experience provides intelligent methods for building and maintaining high-performing organizations.  

Integrity’s organizational and leadership training is only delivered live by certified instructors.  Both online and on-site classes are available.  Click this link to view the programs currently offered.

Organizational and Leadership Training is available to business owners, for-cause organization leaders, their employees, and clients. 

Course fees are based on the specific learning program with tiered pricing available for teams and organizations.  See the program description for pricing.

For most programs offered, organizations will be provided the option of receiving the training live online or live in-person. If a program is only available online, it will be indicated on the program description. 

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"Healthy Growth" for a small business means growth that is profitable, sustainable, and enjoyable (all at the same time).
Kevin Flemming
Owner & CEO

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