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Following Your Path

As a business owner, you already know what you want.  You know your business and have a good sense of your strengths.  Most importantly, you know what you don’t know.

Having an experienced guide to work with is like having a “second brain” (one with different knowledge) for making the right decisions and the best choices.

Meet Your Guide

Kevin Flemming is a management and organization expert with 25 years of operational & biz dev leadership experience. His scope of knowledge includes business process design, workforce development, market strategy, and leadership training across multiple industry sectors.

He has advised over 700 businesses and for-cause organizations and personally hired more than 3,000 people to date.

Kevin works with specific business owners to help them navigate their path to growth.  He selects clients after conducting a confidential review of their goals, current operating condition, and expectations.  His Owner Advisory services are surprisingly affordable for the the business owners he feels confident that he can help.

Fill in the blanks, share your story, and get a quote. It all starts with a conversation.

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"Healthy Growth" for a small business means growth that is profitable, sustainable, and enjoyable (all at the same time).
Kevin Flemming
Owner & CEO

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