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Workload spikes, turnover, and new business opportunities can stretch the ability of your internal team to respond.

Having a well-designed workforce strategy backed up with good data helps organizations evolve as they grow.

Develop a plan to support recruitment and retention for your business today, while preparing for tomorrow.

Our planning capabilities cover the full  spectrum of workforce strategy.  Analysis of skill mix, compensation, training & development, and work environment. Market studies and competitive comparisons. Internal organizational and management frameworks.   

For business owners, the decision to engage in planning usually begins with articulating a specific question you have about your current workforce.  For non-profit and public agencies, it’s standard practice to issue an RFP which we will respond to based on the scope of the work.

There are generally 2 components of this service: A fixed planning fee and an optional support fee. Customers may choose to engage Integrity for the initial planning first, then have us perform occasional reviews as the plan progresses. If utilizing an RFP process, the scope will determine the cost.

Our Workforce Planning capabilities can be purchased incrementally.  For example, if a customer just wants a compensation & benefits analysis of their current roster of employees … we’ll be happy to do that.  If there’s a need for a whole organization development strategy … bring it on! We have the capacity to support employers of all size.

Fill in the blanks, share your story, and get a quote. It all starts with a conversation.

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"Healthy Growth" for a small business means growth that is profitable, sustainable, and enjoyable (all at the same time).
Kevin Flemming
Owner & CEO

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