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Performs limited group of manual clerical functions
Requirements: Minimal computer usage (light data entry only)
Functions: Filing, Printing, Mail Processing, Scanning, Shredding, Cashiering.
Performs limited group of manual & computer clerical functions
Requirements: Basic computer usage (data entry, light word processing, email); good communications skills.
Functions: Standard form completion, standard report generation, fielding incoming calls, collating information into existing formats.
*includes Data Entry & Inventory Clerks
Primary function is answering & fielding incoming phone calls and greeting visitors.
Requirements: Basic computer usage (data entry, light word processing, email); professional demeanor & communications skills.
Functions: Answer incoming calls and answer basic questions. Greet visitors in a pleasant & professional manner.
Performs varied manual & computer clerical functions
Requirements: Proficiency in basic suite of Microsoft Office software (incl. email & simple online apps); professional communications skills.
Functions: Word processing, creation of basic spreadsheets and data forms, information collection, incoming & outgoing communications.
Performs varied and complex administrative functions
Requirements: High level proficiency in all Microsoft Office software, email & calendar apps, web navigation; executive-level communications skills; expertise in business support processes.
Functions: Provide direct admin support to individual professionals or small teams, maintain & improve office processes, organize & communicate information, coordinate activities & schedules.
*includes Office Manager
Performs strictly internal accounting functions.
Requirements: Knowledge & experience in bookkeeping procedures & accounting software.
Functions: AR/ AP entry, payroll entry, reconciliations, standard internal financial report generation.
*includes Billing & Collections
Performs strictly human resources functions under executive-level direction
Requirements: Education & experience in H.R. processes & regulations.
Functions: H.R. administrative tasks, applicant processing, employee file maintenance, compliance reporting, writing workplace policies.
*includes HR Assistant, Training Assistant
Communicates directly with customers
Requirements: Professional telephone & communications skills; Proficiency in basic Microsoft Office & online applications.
Functions: Field incoming calls and online queries, answer questions, look-up information, perform light data entry & form completion
*includes Sales Assistant, Order Specialist
Performs desktop publishing tasks
Requirements: Education & experience in marketing communications including web & print publishing; Possesses creative writing and/or graphic design skills.
Functions: Writing of content, design & formatting of marketing material (both print & online), web publishing including blog posts and social media updates, coordinates with 3rd-party communciations providers.
*does NOT include web developers

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