Anyone can occasionally be tone deaf. For others, it’s a chronic condition.

A lot of arrogant bosses have had their true nature caught on video recently. I find it both entertaining, as well as educational. Here’s a confession:  I really like an occasional dose of schadenfreude.  That’s the fun-to-say-out-loud word for taking pleasure in another’s misfortune. Please don’t take this the wrong way.  I only enjoy it […]

What it Really Takes to Lead

This is the one characteristic that distinguishes a leader from a manager. Learn what underpins all other leadership skills. What’s your management style?  Seems like a basic question, I know.  However, the way a person answers it reveals a lot about their level of self-awareness.  This is because managers rarely receive objective feedback from their […]

Accounting for Normal People

If you’ve always wondered why bookkeeping never seems logical, or wasted hours looking for old receipts because your accountant said you’re going to owe a penalty … you’re not alone. “Don’t let accountants run your business!” My dear dad gave me that advice when I started my own company. This was especially meaningful because not […]

Small Stuff: Charging Customers Credit Card Fees

I usually write about larger themes on business growth.  However, it’s often the small stuff that can hurt.  Passing on credit card fees to customers is a sure way to piss them off. I’ve noticed many businesses in both the retail and service sectors are charging their customers extra to pay with credit cards.  From […]

Businesses Can’t Do Everything Well

small businesses increase profits by outsourcing back office functions

Caution! The following terms may make you feel queasy: Accounting, I.T., Marketing, H.R. If you’re breaking out in a cold sweat then you’re definitely a small business owner. As a business owner, the chances are that you’re pretty good at something. In fact, I’ll bet your business delivers an outstanding product or service to its […]

You Will Piss Off a Customer

You will piss off a customer - enjoy it.

As the saying goes, “you can please some of the people all of the time, you can please all of the people some of the time, but you can’t please all of the people all of the time.” This is true in every sphere of human interaction. For our purposes here, we’ll stick with how […]

Make Hiring Easier with One Simple Rule

Ignore the doom & gloom reporting about how difficult it is to find employees today. There is one hiring tactic that always works, regardless of labor market conditions.

Why Paid References Are Evil

There’s an entire industry holding people’s employment data hostage. Employers need to be aware of who they’re getting references from and how they’re enabling a sh**ty business.

Hire with More Confidence

4 Interview Questions that Make Hiring Easier

First thing to know as you start reading this: there are no magic formulas for making good hiring decisions. Whether you’ve hired 2 or 200 employees during your career, the interview doesn’t get any easier. Because even while other parts of the hiring process can be automated, the interview is still a person-to-person exercise that […]

Grow Your Business with Just 3 Numbers

Small business profit can be measured 3 ways

Small business owners constantly look at the top line of their financial report to see how well they’re doing. This is because we’re taught that the number one way to grow a business is to sell more. As the marketing expert, Gary Vaynerchuck, often says … “offense always solves problems”. However, I think it’s more […]

How to Benefit from Good Advice

Learn to benefit from good business advice

It’s getting harder to buy a lot of products these days. We see how supply chain disruptions across the planet are impacting business’ ability to obtain materials at the price they want, and within the timeframe they need. But one thing we’ll never see a shortage of is advice. It’s on bookshelves, YouTube, and in […]

The Benefits of Collaboration Now

I had my belief in the benefits of collaboration re-ignited. The mesmerizing coverage of the SpaceX Resilience launch showed me what people can do when they get collaboration right!

Is it Safe to Come Out Yet?

The damage to business from the global pandemic is just beginning. Instead of waiting for positive signs, use a better method to manage risk in your business.

COVID-19 Crisis: This is Real

The COVID-19 crisis is growing rapidly. Businesses across all sectors need to actively respond immediately to protect themselves from the economic hit.

Hire Slow, But Hurry Up!

Business owners can make better hires by applying basic sales principles to their recruiting activity. Effective hiring requires a process.