Make Hiring Easier with One Simple Rule

Ignore the doom & gloom reporting about how difficult it is to find employees today. There is one hiring tactic that always works, regardless of labor market conditions.

The Benefits of Collaboration Now

I had my belief in the benefits of collaboration re-ignited. The mesmerizing coverage of the SpaceX Resilience launch showed me what people can do when they get collaboration right!

Is it Safe to Come Out Yet?

The damage to business from the global pandemic is just beginning. Instead of waiting for positive signs, use a better method to manage risk in your business.

COVID-19 Crisis: This is Real

The COVID-19 crisis is growing rapidly. Businesses across all sectors need to actively respond immediately to protect themselves from the economic hit.

Why Businesses Can’t Do Everything Well

Business owners spend a lot of time & energy on things that have nothing to do with their business. Deciding which activities to outsource frees yourself to focus on what’s most important.

Hire Slow, But Hurry Up!

Business owners can make better hires by applying basic sales principles to their recruiting activity. Effective hiring requires a process.

Why Paid References Are Evil

There’s an entire industry holding people’s employment data hostage. Employers need to be aware of who they’re getting references from and how they’re enabling a sh**ty business.