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Marketing Specialist

Join a fast growing e-commerce company with multiple brands across the sports and outdoor equipment sector.

Payroll Specialist

This is a Temp-to-Hire opportunity at a large, well run nonprofit agency in Allentown.  Process bi-weekly payroll for large workforce including all of the relevant withholding, benefit, and wage entry.  […]

Accounts Receivable Specialist

Join the accounting department of a specialty industrial manufacturing company headquartered in the Lehigh Valley.  This is an A/R specialist position that required high attention-to-detail and understanding job costing.  You […]

Accounts Payable Specialist

Work for a large non-profit service company supporting the healthcare industry. Professional management, great benefits and working environment.

Recent News

Integrity Partners with Bank on New Shared Office Suites

LVB 08/18/17: Shared Office Suites Opening this Fall As reported in the Lehigh Valley Business Journal, Peoples Security Bank & Trust has partnered with IntegritySBS on their new shared office […]

Employees are quitting before their 1st anniversary

… many even before their first 3 months on the job. There is something strange happening in the labor market right now.  We’ve been tracking this quit trend for the past 12 months.  Although it wasn’t obvious […]

Make Great Hires without Overpaying (Part 2)

The labor market is tightening. Candidates who were available just 3 months ago have found employment, and companies that are actively recruiting for new talent are now competing with a much larger pool of […]

Smart Interviewing

No one needs to tell you that a poor hiring decision can be more costly than if the job was left vacant. As a manager or business owner, you probably don’t […]

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Integrity is staffed by skilled business specialists who perform all of the core functions in today’s office.  We provide small and large organizations with Flexible, Responsive, and Affordable options for getting their work done right the first time.  

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