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Accounting Specialist

Deliver bookkeeping support to the customers of a business services company. Perform various A.R. and A.P. transactions in general ledger.  Enter and verify invoices for approval and process  disbursements according […]

Administrative Support Specialist

Deliver administrative and specialized clerical support to multiple customers of a business services company .  Provide word processing, report creation, and data entry services.  Perform various tasks related to researching […]

Administrative Assistant

Work for a public sector agency that supports economic growth interests throughout the Lehigh Valley.  This is a great, long-term opportunity for an administrative professional with at least five years […]

Project Data Analyst

This is a long-term temporary position for a data analysis project with a large institution in Bethlehem, PA.  Responsibilities include extracting response data from a Qualtrecs survey tool.  Using Excel […]

Recent News

Will the New Overtime Rule Affect Your Business?

This change in eligibility will have a disproportionate impact on small employers next year. Well, it is said that the wheels of government grind slowly.  Today’s announcement from the Department […]

Register for the SMART Hiring Seminar on October 16th!

Blow away the conventional wisdom that causes poor employee performance and costly hiring mistakes. Leverage your role as an owner to inspire and attract the best candidates for Your business. […]

Hire Slow, but Hurry Up!

I firmly believe in the adage, hire slow and fire fast.  If every employer followed this philosophy, more people would find fulfillment in their work and more businesses would create […]

Why Businesses Can’t Do Everything Well

Caution! The following terms may make you feel queasy: Accounting, I.T., Marketing, H.R.  If you’re breaking out in a cold sweat, you’re probably a small business owner. Now if you […]

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Integrity is staffed by skilled business specialists who perform all of the core functions in today’s office.  We provide small and large organizations with Flexible, Responsive, and Affordable options for getting their work done right the first time.  

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