Small Stuff: Charging Customers Credit Card Fees

I usually write about larger themes on business growth.  However, it’s often the small stuff that can hurt.  Passing on credit card fees to customers is a sure way to piss them off. I’ve noticed many businesses in both the retail and service sectors are charging their customers extra to pay with credit cards.  From […]

Grow Your Business with Just 3 Numbers

Small business profit can be measured 3 ways

Small business owners constantly look at the top line of their financial report to see how well they’re doing. This is because we’re taught that the number one way to grow a business is to sell more. As the marketing expert, Gary Vaynerchuck, often says … “offense always solves problems”. However, I think it’s more […]

Hire Slow, But Hurry Up!

Business owners can make better hires by applying basic sales principles to their recruiting activity. Effective hiring requires a process.